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This page is under heavy construction.  I have a bazillion papers I’m trying to decide how to list …

For now, books are on the Resources page and through the Library Think link in the sidebar.  I don’t necessarily endorse all the points in any of these resources nor do they represent an exhaustive list of the intellectual history or current grounding for my own views.  I share these with the hope that others who think about the same things I do might find them useful in their own quest for understanding.


(these links may only get you to the page on which they are found – you might need to scroll to see the specific one.  if it’s itunes, the selected podcast will be slightly more darkly shaded.)

Nathan Nobis –> Moral Realism and Animal Ethics

Jessica Pierce  –> “Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals”

Jeff McMahan–> Vegetarianism

Robert Jones–> Rethinking the Ethical Implications of Animal Cognition

Rene Girard –> Myth, Conflict, and Desire in Human History – Christianity, not just another myth of the dying and rising god, but The Myth That Happened – (audio only) or Video on Fora TV (may require registration)

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau –> Colleen does a great service with her podcast: Vegetarian Food for Thought: Inspiring a Joyful, Sustainable, Compassionate Diet on iTunes or here on her website.   “Each episode addresses commonly asked questions about being vegetarian/vegan, including those regarding animal rights, food, cooking, nutrition, and debunks the myths surrounding these issues.”   It’s hard for me to pick a “favorite” episode, but if I had to pick a few … these are roughly in descending order …

The Favors We Do Animals “favors” in quotes.  cows don’t just ‘give’ milk, we’re not actually God,  and a nice parsing of “it’s natural”

Marks of Domination: The Branding of Human and Animal Slaves

Honoring the Animals We Eat – Just Like the Native Americans – this is a critique of that sentiment, and about the assumptions it entails about ‘Native Americans’ in general

The Rise of the Excuse-itarians (or The Emperor’s New Clothes) – the excuses we make for continuing to eat meat.  a reading of the original story at the end.  having to “eat them to save them” – Christians might be concerned that this is the essence of totemism.  The problem with using Darwin’s insights into natural selection to guide our own actions.

Response to: Why don’t you spend your time on people instead of animals? or Why don’t you care about humans


listings with marked with (online) are, at the time of the listing, available to read online

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